IMS Accommodation Regulations define Cruiser/Racer types of boats by controlling their cost while promoting safety and crew comfort. Cruiser/Racer yachts shall be those designed for cruising and longer stays on the boat, and the minimum requirements are intended to guarantee the boat design follows this basic philosophy, and includes these criteria:

  • The purpose of the yacht shall be primarily cruising.
  • Accommodation layout and outfit shall be at least comparable to the standards of series production models that would find a broad market as cruising yachts.
  • Sacrifice of layout and accommodation to features which are primarily suited to the racing character of a yacht shall be suppressed.
  • The yacht without modification is fully suitable and actually used for cruising.

Boats complying with IMS Accommodation Regulations are categorized as Cruiser/Racers. All other boats are categorized in Performance Category. Fundamental Requirements for Cruiser/Racer division are as follows:

  • The interior of the yacht should include: living area with table and settee, sleeping area(s), galley area, navigation area and a separate enclosed compartment for toilet/wash basin, accessible through a rigid door. Living areas and sleeping areas should be separated by means of rigid bulkheads or partitions.
  • A living area (cabin) shall consist of space containing a table and settees.
  • Sleeping Area shall consist of a space containing berths and adequate facilities for personal gear stowage.
  • Galley Area shall include stoves, sinks, galley gear stowage and food stowage
  • Navigation Area shall include flat area suitable for chart work. The area should be built with storage for charts, navigational instruments, books, etc.
  • Toilet shall be permanently installed and operable in compliance with local regulations with wash basin near the toilet, fitted with pump/tap and drainage system which permits use underway.
  • A cabin sole shall extend fore and aft over a length which provides convenient access to lockers, berths, galley, head, navigation area and other components making up the yacht’s interior.
  • Headroom is defined based on boat's length.
  • Hanging Locker(s) shall be of sufficient dimension to permit hanging garments vertically.
  • Fresh Water Capacity is defined based on length of boat and number of crew members
  • Boats with inboard engines shall be directly supplied from permanently installed fuel tankage.
  • For cruising amenity, the cockpit should feature fixed seating, seatbacks and coamings. The length of seating should accommodate crew numbers at least equal to the required number of berths