The Sailor Services (SaS) system is offered by the Offshore Racing Congress as a self-service
online tool for boat owners, skippers, and other interested parties such as measurers, race
organizers and sail makers to explore and exploit the boat information in the ORC database. ORC Sailor Services allows you access to the ORC Database of all ORC certificates issued worldwide, with the following options:

Search the database in several ways: name of the boat, sail number, class or design type,
and narrow the search with the country and year where and when the certificate was

Using this search method, you may get a copy of any certificate issued by an ORC rating
office - this may be any boat of interest: a competitor’s boat, a boat you are considering to
buy, or a boat you have heard about but want to know more. Or this could even be your own
boat when you are looking for an old or current certificate. 

When you have found a boat of interest, you can:

  • download a copy
  • if the certificate is valid, tick the box to add it to build an online Scratch Sheet
  • add it to a virtual folder established for your SaS account called My Boats for you to open
    and use later

With boats saved in your My Boats folder, you can do several things:

  • generate a test certificate from any certificate, old or new, by using existing measurement
    data from the certificate
  • or change selected measurements listed on the certificate to test the changes in rating by
    using an editing tool with a boat record. For example, you can find out the rating effects of
    having larger or smaller sails, changing your crew weight, or changing to an asymmetric from
    a symmetric spinnaker. Please note that measurements from the boat’s offset file (hull, keel
    and rudder) may not be changed within Sailor Services. For these changes, consult your local
    Rating Office or a qualified naval architect.

Since ORC Sailor Services always uses the latest version of the ORC VPP from the moment
it is available, you can use this tool to see how ratings will change at the beginning of the
year even before certificates are issued by rating offices.

Other products available in Sailor Services:

  • Get a Speed Guide, a complete set of polar diagrams showing a boat's performance at different wind speeds and wind angles, and available in digital formats for routing
  • Get a Target Speeds, a customized prediction of performance targets for that boat on one of the most common types of courses used in competitive offshore sailing.

Credit pricing for test certificates, Speed Guides and Target Speeds are listed on the Sailor
Services webpage and how to pay for credits online that are to be added to the user account.