Depending on your boat you need different kind of certificates. These certificates lets you participate in certain events where you’ll be able to fairly compete against other ORC certified boats. You can find your path to get your ORC certificate here, or read more about the different kind of certificates we offer below.

ORC certificates
The ORC Club certificate uses the same data as the ORC International, but it may be accepted as being declared by the owner or obtained from any other source, including photos, drawings, designs or data from identical or similar boats. An owner who has an ORC Club certificate and wants to upgrade to ORCi should contact their local measurer or rating authority.
The ORCi rating system is the most accurate monohull system. ORCi is based on a complete boat measurement as defined by the International Measurement System (IMS). In use, ORCi is a complete measurement rule and it is applied in all countries at the same level. It is intended for use on World, Continental, Regional and National level as well as major international offshore races. To get your ORC International certificate you need to contact your local rating office.
For various One Design boat classes with recognised status by World Sailing and published class rules, ORC provides a One Design Certificate upon confirmation that the boat conforms to class specifications. This includes the hull, appendages, crew weight, rigging, and sails.
ORC provides Club and International ORC Multihull certificates for a range of catamarans and trimarans in various sizes. Currently, these certificates are obtained through direct application to ORC. Multihulls with MOCRA certificates should follow the same application process.
ORC provides ORC Superyacht certificates tailored for monohulls exceeding 25m in length. Given the diverse configurations among Superyachts, the ORCsy system incorporates distinctive policies and tools to ensure fair ratings for these unique vessels. Interested parties can apply for and obtain these certificates directly through ORC.
ORC International